My symptoms were very slight, just a niggle in the groin while walking.

A colonoscopy was ordered, and a tumour was discovered very low in the bowel.

The operation was a resection of the lower bowel which was quite major back 35yrs ago and no chemo was required.

I was clear until 21yrs later when another tumour was discovered during a regular routine colonoscopy.

I suspected something was amiss, as my bowel habits had changed.

This tumour only needed keyhole surgery to remove, which was a total breeze compared to the previous operation, which just shows how far these procedures have progressed through the years.

Once again there was no need for chemo etc, although 5yrs later I am still having regular check-ups at the hospital which will cease this year of 2023.

Early detection is the answer.

If you have ANY concerns, ask your GP for a colonoscopy.

My one piece of advice, pain of any sort in your lower body, as well as any change in your regular bowel habits, needs to be investigated. Do not hesitate!