In July 2019 I had my first and only symptom, and thanks to my Mum, went and got a colonoscopy

I was a fit, healthy, strong, 33-year-old with no genetic history. We never could have imagined that a large tumour would be found, and that it would be cancerous.

20th August 2019, I had my entire large intestine removed. I was in Hospital for about 10 days, getting looked after by some amazing nurses and showered with love and support from friends and family.

We waited the longest two weeks for the pathology results, to see if we got it all or the cancer had spread. Prepped for chemo and all the fight to continue in the future, we were later given the best news - that I was now cancer free! Super thankful and extremely lucky!!!

If I can get cancer, anyone can, listen to your body and go to the doctor straight away if you have any symptoms at all.