On January 22nd 2022 my husband and I's world was crushed, 22 weeks pregnant with baby number two and a two year old son Toby. I was having abdominal pain and suffered from a sore back and vomiting, during my next obstetrician visit I booked in for a scan and colonoscopy.

The scan results confirmed I had Stage 4 bowel cancer with 10 liver tumours and a BRAF gene and a minimum of 12 months to live.

We were absolutely shattered.

We needed to work fast as my cancer marker count was 200,000 and 8,000.

We needed to make sure that our baby boy was safe inside while still keeping me alive.

We were given some options and decided on low dose chemo and to get the baby to 31 weeks at the earliest as I needed chemo to stay alive.

For the next 9 weeks I was in and out of hospital and on 1st of April Jack was delivered safely and no effect from chemo.

Straight after the c- section I had two bowel surgeries to resection my bowel  and was in ICU ... as my 3 year old would say ‘that was a close one’.

Fast forward a year and I am still here, doing better than any doctors thought and have just completed round 24 of chemo and am doing absolutely everything I can to stay around for my boys and husband.

I am a positive and energetic person and this cancer has picked the wrong person to mess with!!!

Please please get checked and encourage you family to get checked.

I was just lucky enough to be here to tell my story as I listened to my body and knew there wasn't something right.