I was diagnosed with bowel cancer just two months after my 33rd birthday, in August 2017. I was visiting family in Switzerland and was hospitalised after becoming severely ill. My 2-week holiday turned into 7 weeks, where I received my diagnosis and underwent urgent surgery.

I was a normal healthy person. I exercised regularly, ate healthy and never had any major health problems. I just could not believe this was happening to me.

Since then I have completed IVF, had two re-occurrences, completed 24 rounds of chemotherapy, lost my hair and had another two surgeries as the cancer spread to my liver.

Last year in the space of four months I underwent two liver resections and another bowel resection, which were both open surgeries. Despite all this, I managed to continue to work full-time, plan my wedding and I married the love of my life in November 2019. It has been an incredibly tough journey and I honestly thought at times my wedding day would not happen.

In January this year I received the most amazing news - that I am NED!!! I cried tears of joy.

During this time, I have discovered strength and resilience, which I did not know I had. I am grateful for each and every day and have a newfound appreciation for my body.

On days where I feel lazy about going to work, I remind myself that I am privileged to be able to go to work. Bad hair days, well at least I have hair. Waking up tired, at least I don't feel ill and so on....

I have been overwhelmed with kindness and support from family, friends and my workplace, which I will forever be grateful for.

No one knows what the future holds, but I hope sharing my story gives another woman hope in a time where they are not feeling strong.