Yes, I have Stage 4 bowel cancer with inoperable liver mets. Diagnosed in May 2018, aged 51.

I had a right hemicolectomy one week after diagnosis, following a colonoscopy for extremely low iron levels.

I had very few symptoms. I felt full all the time, had sore ribs and occasionally constipation alternating with diarrhea. I did a FOBT (at home bowel cancer screening test) when I was 49. It was inconclusive. My GP at the time said, I don't think you need to worry, it's an old man's disease. He then retired.

I am undergoing my second type of chemo with immunotherapy and now a new trial drug for BRAF gene mutation. I've had over 40 rounds of chemo.

I wish I had known more about the side effects of chemo, as I have extremely bad peripheral neuropathy. As a sewer it is very depressing to have time on my hands (I can no longer work) and I can't sew anymore either! Some days I'm ready to make the decision to stop treatment, when those days are more than not, then I will.

I have had a very busy time with travelling and ticking things off my bucket list and have been very fortunate that I have had the means and been well enough. However, I am more fatigued every day and know that my travelling days are coming to an end. I just wish to be with my family.

I hate what this disease has done to my family and friends. I don't like being their source of distress, and I know that me and this disease are distressful for them.

Don't be complacent, if it doesn't feel right, then something is probably wrong.

I am aware that every day is a bonus now and has been for the last 18 months. But I am becoming more unwell and fatigued with each day of treatment, and have less good days between treatments.