Twelve months since my cancer diagnosis and journey began.

At 25 weeks pregnant with my second child I never thought this was the road my life journey would take me on yet here we are.

I always lived a healthy lifestyle and never had any of the typical warning signs that pointed to bowel cancer. After experiencing increasingly painful abdominal cramps and spasms over about a month, I was initially diagnosed with pregnancy related constipation. I was admitted to hospital where I stayed for one week with no improvement, despite the daily laxatives and enemas.

It wasn’t until I was sent for an Xray which found a blockage and a highly distended large colon. I was transferred to another larger hospital and underwent an emergency colonoscopy in the hopes to clear the blockage. Instead, I woke up in recovery having undergone major surgery which consisted of a right hemicolectomy (removal of 1/3rd of my large bowel), 46 lymph nodes and formation of a stoma. All with my son still in utero!

A few days later I was visited by my medical team who confirmed it was Stage 2 bowel cancer and that I would need 6 months of chemotherapy. Not the easiest decision to make when you also have your unborn child to consider, however I knew it needed to be done.

I completed 9 rounds and then had a follow up CT scan. Unfortunately, the results showed the cancer had spread to my liver and peritoneum (abdominal wall). NOT the news we were expecting, and I was hit hard with the reality of now being deemed Stage 4...inoperable and incurable! After being told I had 6-12 months to live without treatment, my decision was quick, and I didn’t give a 2nd thought to start another 12 rounds of one of the most intense chemo regimes available.

Being a mother of 2 young children I have every reason to not give up and win this fight! I have just completed round 10 and will continue to give everything I have to overcome the odds and come out the other side. I have remained 99.9% hopeful and positive, along with the love, support and encouragement from my loved ones and friends.

My journey does not stop here but I will remain strong for myself, my husband, mum, family, friends but most importantly my children. The driving force behind my determination to win!!! 👊❤

Please do not disregard your health. Our bodies send messages for a reason, don’t ignore them.

Cancer doesn’t discriminate, and you are never too young. LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE 🥰