Chief Executive Officer
Julien Wiggins
As the CEO of Australia’s leading bowel cancer organisation, Julien Wiggins draws on his economics, law and government background when addressing one of the most challenging problems facing Australia’s public health – bowel cancer.
Under his leadership of Bowel Cancer Australia, the 100% community-funded charity realised its long-term goal of funding the $10.4 million Lawrence Penn Chair in Bowel Cancer Research at the University of Sydney.
Mr Wiggins also played an integral role in the formation of the charity's Bowel Care Nurses and Nutritionist Services; Peer-to-Peer Support Network; pharmacy-based screening programs - BowelScreen Australia and BowelScreen Aotearoa (NZ); the creation of a world-first bowel cancer app; and the development of a global standard set of patient outcome measurements.
He led the call for the expansion of the National Screening Program to comply with medical guidelines; timely access to colonoscopy; and better availability to affordable treatments, including biomarker testing and precision medicine.
Mr Wiggins continues to work with national and international stakeholders on a range of campaigns covering bowel cancer prevention and screening, early detection and diagnosis, treatment, recovery, care and support.

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