Talk to your GP or pharmacist about bowel cancer screening
Bowel Cancer Australia Join the Bowel Movement 770
Bowel Cancer Australia is calling for Australians to move their bottoms to the top of their priority list and join a movement that won't cost anything but could save lives.
Bowel cancer is a disease which can be treated successfully in 90% of cases, if detected early.
Unfortunately, community awareness of bowel cancer is relatively low when compared to other common cancers.  Symptoms are often mistakenly attributed to other causes, risk factors are under-recognised and screening opportunities are commonly ignored.
We're working hard to change people's attitudes and improve knowledge of bowel cancer, but we can't do it alone.
So we're asking everyone in the community to help us and Join the Bowel Movement.
You can Join the Bowel Movement by taking three simple steps.
  • TALK - reduce the embarrassment by talking with family & friends about signs & symptoms of bowel cancer.
  • TEST – take a bowel cancer screening test, especially if you're aged 50 and over
  • TELL – share your family's medical history with close relatives.
By creating conversations around bowel cancer, more people will understand their risk and know what actions to take. Talk. Test. Tell. ...and save lives.