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In 2010, I was 19 and planning my wedding. Unlike most brides-to-be, I was also in and out of the GP’s office fighting with her to take my bowel issues seriously and undergoing a series of tests.

I was extremely anaemic and required weekly infusions over 12 weeks, in the lead up to my wedding.

When a FOBT confirmed positive for blood in my stools, my GP still kept telling me “you are too young for bowel cancer” and that it was a waste of her time to pursue testing further because she was confident it would come back negative.

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I’m a Registered nurse working in aged care so I’m very used to looking after the health of my patients first. I was surprised when my colleagues started telling me they were worried about my health as I looked so pale. I didn’t know what they were all worrying about so didn’t take much notice. Finally the GP I was doing a ward round with one day became very concerned and said I was looking really unwell.

I followed his advice and went to get some blood tests that afternoon. The results came back the next day and my iron levels were dangerously low. I went to hospital that day to have 4 units of blood transfused. The doctors in hospital arranged for me to have a colonoscopy the following week which showed a tumour which they thought was the size of a 5cent piece and hadn’t gone through the bowel wall as yet.
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My message to anyone reading this is to be persistent. If you feel there is something wrong, push your doctor to do something about it.
In Jan 2013 I visited my GP as I was experiencing stomach pains. The doctor decided it was probably related to certain foods in my diet so didn't carry out any investigations.

At the time I felt I wasn't being taken seriously because I was so young.

In February the pains became severe so I called an out of hours GP who suggested stomach ease medication and to see my GP for further investigation. The pain passed again that same evening.
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