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Sadly, like too many of us, bowel cancer has affected the life of Carolyn Creswell, owner of Carman's and proud sponsor of Bowel Cancer Australia. Her beloved grandfather passed away from the disease – so she understands more than most the increased risk and the need to discuss family history with her loved ones.
Carolyn adores nothing more than her family get-togethers and sees Bowel Cancer Australia's annual Christmas in July initiative as the perfect opportunity to get together with those she loves and possibly give the greatest gift of all.... perhaps the knowledge that could save their life.
Funds raised through Christmas in July will be used to continue critical bowel cancer prevention programs and services that ensure patients and their families get the support they so greatly need throughout their own bowel cancer experience. Carman's sponsor those same programs, through the charity's Nutrition Advisory Service and Recipe for Recovery resource.
Carolyn also has a friend who has survived bowel cancer. He now wears a colostomy bag at the all too young age of 38. This prompted Carolyn to purchase BowelScreen Australia® test kits for everyone in the Carman's office as well as her family members. She's since learned that of the close to 15,000 Australians diagnosed with bowel cancer each year, about 1,000 are under the age of 50 years.
Carolyn has lots of hints and tips when it comes to feeding herself and her family.
Serve yourself the normal amount of vegetables that you usually would have on your plate - and then double it!
Try to get fruit and veggies into you – in any shape or form!
Don't always think that you need to have meat with every meal.

Serve the vegetables on the table first – so your kids eat these while they are waiting for the rest of dinner to be served.
If eating out, order a bowl of veggies immediately when you arrive. The kids can graze on these while they are waiting for their meal.
Clear a space in your kitchen for a water dispensing station. Make it easy for the kids to access with plastic cups at the ready!
Put some lovely crisp apples on display in a bowl instead of flowers. Encourage your kids to grab an apple when they're peckish.

Here are some suggestions from Carolyn for your Christmas in July menu:
Jamie Oliver's Basic Hummus Dip
Everyday Gourmet Tuna Dip

These dips can be served with sticks of veggies including multi-coloured peppers, celery and carrot or with multigrain crackers and warm multigrain toasts.
Warmest thanks to Carolyn Creswell and our friends at Carman's Fine Foods for their support of Bowel Cancer Australia's Christmas in July and for putting together this piece.
Photo credits (from left to right): (1) 'Just waiting for the family to arrive'. (2) Carolyn's glazed ham. (3) Three of Carolyn's four children - big sister Lily with younger siblings Grace and Oliver.
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