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2018 Highlights

Bowel Cancer Australia

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Bowel Cancer Australia’s consistently high standard of work and services is only made possible through the generosity of our supporters and a shared commitment to championing what matters most to people affected by bowel cancer.

Here are just some of the ways your support has helped us to make real change happen over the past 12 months:

Bowel Care Nurses providing patients with a constant, dedicated point of contact throughout their care, and ongoing support during and after treatment. The team consists of bowel care nurse specialists, including the first Bowel Care Nurse for the Shepparton and Goulburn Valley region, and our highly acclaimed Bowel Care Nutritionist.

Big Bowel Tour – crossing the Bass Strait for its maiden tour of Tasmania, the inaugural visit to Salamanca Place coincided with the world-famous Salamanca Market. With an estimated 40,000 attendees at the weekly market, the highly visible attraction provided a wonderful source of entertainment and education as visitors enjoyed an interactive journey through the larger than life size bowel.

My Colonoscopy, My Experience – asking Australian patients about the process they underwent as part of their colonoscopy procedure, to gain insights into what is working well and areas that could be improved. The patient’s experience must be the cornerstone of patient-centred colonoscopy care and can be used for performance monitoring purposes and to drive quality improvement.

$10.4 million Research Commitment – researching a cure for Australia’s second deadliest cancer, Professor Mark Molloy has been named as the inaugural Lawrence Penn Chair of Bowel Cancer Research. Prof Molloy is a biochemist with expertise in the science of 'proteomics' and is internationally recognised as an expert in the application of mass spectrometry in biomedical research. Professor Molloy’s focus areas include translational cancer research, biomarker studies and cell signalling

Never2Young – raising awareness of early onset bowel cancer and promoting screening appropriate to personal level of risk, in recognition of the increasing rate of bowel cancer in young and middle-aged Australians. Experts have concluded more lives will be saved if bowel cancer screening begins at age 45 for people at average risk of developing the disease.

My Bowel Cancer, My Voice – a new patient reported outcomes (PRO) gram helping empower patients with the tools and knowledge to be advocates for their own health and to express what matters most to them about their treatment and care.

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Bowel Cancer Awareness Month – running throughout the month of June, our largest annual campaign raises public awareness about Australia’s second deadliest cancer and funds to support Bowel Cancer Australia.

Bowel Cancer Helpline – providing tailored support and advice to patients, loved ones and the community, our specialised team of Bowel Care Nurses and Nutritionist make up the only Bowel Care Helpline in the country.

Decembeard Australia® – raising funds and awareness for a disease that affects 1 in 11 Aussie men. Decembeard® encourages supporters to grow a beard and raise funds to help us beat bowel cancer.

Peer-to-Peer Support Network – supporting bowel cancer patients and loved ones, our popular and successful network continues to grow. Often referred to by patients and loved ones as a ‘lifeline’, it is the only national bowel cancer buddy support group.

Meat Free Week™ – challenging participants to give up meat for seven days and raise funds to support Bowel Cancer Australia’s vital bowel cancer prevention programs.

Healthy Recipes Program – taking out the guesswork when it comes to diet and lifestyle, which play a major part in bowel cancer recovery, our Bowel Care Nutritionist creates delicious low and high fibre recipes monthly, for patients and the loved ones supporting them.

Kick Ass: Bowel Cancer in Women - raising awareness of bowel cancer in women, Bowel Cancer Australia’s newest initiative shares empowering stories from kick ass Aussie women living with or beyond bowel cancer.

Please consider contributing this Christmas to Bowel Cancer Australia's Appeal to help the thousands of Australians affected by our country’s second deadliest cancer. 

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With more and more Australians being affected by bowel cancer, directly or through a loved one, the need for resources and funding is growing.

Your tax-deductable gift this Christmas will help ensures our team is always there to help bowel cancer patients and their families when they need it most and enable us to empower them with the tools and resources they need to support each other during a difficult and challenging time.  

Providing a gift of hope for the future – a future where more families can stay together for longer celebrating special occasions like Christmas together.