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Why not give yourself the best chance possible?

Bowel Cancer Australia

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Alexandra considered herself to be a healthy person.

She continued to play team sports well into her 20s and when she reached her 30s she became a regular walker, enjoyed jogging occasionally and after each child attended a boot camp to get back into shape.

As someone who loved fruit and vegetables, Alexandra also found it easy to eat well.

So it came as a total shock when, after giving birth to her third child at the age of 38, she was diagnosed with bowel cancer.

But the biggest surprise, according to Alexandra, was the amount of support she has received from far and wide.

“It has been overwhelming and probably the biggest contributing factor in keeping a positive mindset,” said Alexandra.

“Physically I have been impacted by the tumours and the resulting treatment, but doctors have advised me to keep moving as much as I can throughout treatment and I see no reason why I won’t be physically strong again.

“The diagnosis hasn’t changed me as a person, but it has had an impact on what I wake up and do, and how I feel – every day.

“For example, during treatment I feel sick or tired and other days I can feel really – energetic!” Alexandra said.

“So as a family we have had to adapt.

“However, after picking myself up after the diagnosis, I am just so happy to be around.

“I will go through anything to make sure I am around for as long as possible,” said Alexandra.

“We haven’t made any major changes to our diet since my diagnosis, except that we have tried to eat more fish and seafood and less processed meats.

“I don’t believe I was eating terribly or not exercising enough.

“People can get bowel cancer due to their genetics or just plain bad luck,” Alexandra said.

“I do believe however that healthy eating and an active lifestyle provide a person with the best chance for avoiding, beating or reducing the effects of any disease.

“Why not give yourself the best chance possible for it not to happen?” said Alexandra.

Although Alexandra and her family still love a steak, they’ve decided to take a break from meat for the week as a way to raise funds for Bowel Cancer Australia.

You can support Bowel Cancer Australia and Alexandra by visiting her fundraising page 

To find out more about Meat Free Week, visit www.meatfreeweek.org