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Community Fundraisers in Action - The Flight Sim Store Fundraiser

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When Daniel lost his father, Garry, to bowel cancer he wanted to honour his memory with a special tribute. Daniel's father was a key member of the Virtual Airline Community, known as the RallyeAir Asia Pacific, and loved flying on the Flight Simulator. He even kept up his hobby during his treatment as it offered a distraction to the reality of the tough battle at hand.

"We are essentially a community that operates and flies online the International Virtual Aviation Organization using Microsoft Flight Simulator," said Daniel.

According to Daniel, IVAO is a large online network which allows members to fly with each other via a Stimulator and Virtual Air Traffic Control, adding a level of realism to the experience.

Daniel says that his father, who died after a 15 month battle with stage 4 bowel cancer, was a fighter and stayed strong until the very end.

"He was diagnosed at stage 4 and was determined to fight, and he did right till the end.

"After Dad passed away we painted an aircraft on the Simulator in special colours of The Flight Sim Store," Daniel said.

Since then, RallyeAir Asia Pacific and The Flight Sim store have partnered up and have decided to raise funds for Bowel Cancer Australia.

"Every time one of our members completes an online flight $1 is donated to Bowel Cancer Australia from The Flight Sim Store in memory of Garry Hammond," said Daniel.

During Bowel Cancer Awareness Month the aircraft was also rebranded in the charity's red and green colours in a show of support.

Daniel says he is enjoying combining his family's hobby with a worthwhile cause.

"While we are having fun flying and enjoying our hobby we are spreading the message, bringing awareness and also raising money for Bowel Cancer Australia. We love what we are doing and I am so proud of all the efforts our members are making especially because Garry was such a big part of our RallyeAir Asia Pacific Community".

Bowel Cancer Australia extends a huge thank you and congratulations to Daniel and the Flight Stimulator community for their support.
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