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Cranberry Turkey Rolls

It is picnic time and what better way to start celebrating seasonal cheer than enjoying a turkey cranberry roll. A rich source of protein and calcium. 



12 slices lean deli Turkey Breast
4 sourdough seeded rolls
1/2 cup cranberry jam
120 grams brie cheese
1 sliced spring onion
1 cup baby spinach
spread of your choice

Cranberry Turkey Rolls Directions

Cut your rolls in half and use the spread of your choice on one side and cranberry jam on the other side.

Layer 3 slices of turkey breast, on one side of the roll.

Divide the cheese equally and press one portion down on the other side adding a sprinkle of spring onion topped with about 8-10 spinach leaves

Close the roll and get ready to share!

Recipe notes

You can remove turkey or add a vegan smoked cheese with cranberry the roll is equally as yummy.

Nutrition facts

Per Serving

Fibers (g): 5g