When diagnosed with bowel cancer, changes in lifestyle habits can aid in the management of treatment of the disease.

The following list of questions addresses the lifestyle factors during and after bowel cancer treatment.

Lifestyle-related questions 

  • Will my life change?  If so, how?  Will I need to make changes in my work, family life, and leisure time?
  • Can I drink alcoholic beverages?
  • Are there any special foods that I should or should not eat?
  • What lifestyle restrictions will I have during treatment?  For example, can I exercise the way I always have?
  • Will I have to limit visits with family and friends?
  • How will my normal activities change as a result of treatment?
  • Can I still lift things as normal?
  • Can you recommend support groups in the local area with people I can talk to?
  • Will my sexual function be affected?
  • I have never exercised before, should I be taking part in an exercise program?
  • Should I take any over the counter medications (e.g. Antacids, aspirin) during treatment?
  • Should I be taking multivitamins during and after treatment?
  • What types of lifestyle and dietary changes may be helpful to manage my condition during and after treatment so as to improve my prognosis?
  • Should I schedule appointments with a nutritionist, dietician, or other health care specialists?
  • How will I cope if I live alone?
  • Will I have any physical problems?
  • Is there written information I can take home with me or access on lifestyle changes?
  • What happens if I experience depression or constant sadness?
  • Who can help me relay the news to my children about my bowel cancer diagnosis?



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