Celebrate Valentine's Day with a gift to Bowel Cancer Australia.
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Valentine's Day provides a lovely opportunity to give thanks for all special people in our lives - both those with us and those we remember in our hearts.
A gift to Bowel Cancer Australia this Valentine's Day is a wonderful gesture in celebration or in memory, and can be made in addition to or in place of traditional gifts.
It's a gift of hope for the future, a future where more loved ones can stay together for longer and celebrate special days like Valentine's Day together.
You can elect to have Bowel Cancer Australia notify the recipients of your kind gesture.
And don't forget - Valentine's Day is also a great opportunity to spread the important bowel cancer awareness message to your loved ones.
Make your Valentine's Day donation for bowel cancer now 
Please contact us on (02) 9923 8269 or 1800 555 494 to make your Valentine's Day donation for bowel cancer or make your Valentine's Day donation for bowel cancer online now.

Valentine's Day donation envelopes & apple pins 
Donation envelopes and apple pins can be made available for Valentine's Day functions.
To request donation envelopes and apple pins for your celebration contact us on (02) 9923 8269 or complete the request form at the bottom of this page.

Valentine's Day celebration pages
Online celebration pages, supporting Bowel Cancer Australia, can be created to celebrate any special occasion – including Valentine's Day.
Using the Bowel Cancer Australia Everyday Hero or Go Fundraise websites you can create your own in celebration webpage and invite friends and relatives to make a donation to bowel cancer in place of gifts.