Bowel Cancer Australia's resources available on interactive touch screens

Bowel Cancer Australia Working-Together-Health-Point 770

A simple three-minute screening tool to better understand personal risk of bowel cancer is now available in over 700 pharmacies around the country.

Pharmacy customers can access general information on bowel cancer and take an indicative risk assessment via Healthpoint interactive touch screens.
Bowel Cancer Australia chief executive officer Julien Wiggins said people were more likely to respond to information provided in a health setting.
"This is another method of reminding Australians about the importance of bowel cancer screening and early detection," he added.
"Importantly, many pharmacies are also involved with BowelScreen Australia® so customers can then take immediate action and purchase a screening test."
Major pharmacy groups including Amcal, Guardian, Malouf and National Pharmacies are hosts to the Healthpoint touch screens.
Bowel Cancer Australia is the exclusive bowel cancer content provider for the Healthpoint touchscreen which also provide information about a range of common medical conditions.
"We believe this will encourage people to have further discussions about bowel cancer with their pharmacist or doctor.  If it motivates more people to pay attention to any symptoms or buy a screening test kit, then we have achieved our objective," said Mr Wiggins.
For more information visit Health Point