Bowel cancer information available through GP surgeries and health clinicsBowel Cancer Australia Awareness Dont Sit On Your Symptoms 770

Millions of patients visiting GP surgeries and health clinics around the country will have the opportunity to learn how to recognise the symptoms of bowel cancer with our brochure Don’t Sit on Your Symptoms.

It is available in patient information boards in thousands of doctors’ waiting rooms from Perth to Sydney and from Geelong to the Gold Coast.

Bowel Cancer Australia chief executive Mr Julien Wiggins said GP waiting rooms were an ideal location to reinforce bowel cancer awareness and start a conversation with your doctor.

“We know that people are sometimes shy or embarrassed about mentioning symptoms such as bleeding from the bowel or a change in bowel habit.  That’s why we’re taking this opportunity to remind people that they’re in the perfect place to get symptoms checked.”

“It may not be bowel cancer but if it is, an early diagnosis can save your life.”

He said while bowel cancer was more common in people over 50 years, people should remember that the disease doesn’t discriminate.  It can and does affect men and women at any age.

Mr Wiggins said people should also take the opportunity to talk to their GP about bowel cancer screening.

“Most people from age 50, with no symptoms or increased risk can screen for bowel cancer with a simple, accurate test.  However there are circumstances such as a family history of the disease where your GP will recommend a different option such as a colonoscopy.  Don’t be afraid to talk through these issues with your GP,” he said.

Don’t Sit on Your Symptoms has recently been updated with financial support from Olympus.  The brochures will be available year round from patient information boards thanks to our friends at INFO-MED.

Download a copy of the GP & Health Clinic: Don't Sit On Your Symptoms brochure.