Don't Hide Your Symptoms

Don't let bowel cancer kill the conversationBowel Cancer Australia Awareness Behind Closed Doors 770

Bowel Cancer Awareness Month seeks to open the conversation on a disease that many people don’t want to talk about - and what better place to start talking about bowel cancer than behind the toilet doors at your local shopping centre?

In order to get people talking we’ve organised ‘Don’t Hide Your Symptoms Behind Closed Doors’ posters in the loos at major shopping centres around Australia.

You might like to pass on the message to a friend or family member with a whisper under the cubicle door.  You might like to talk to your family doctor – especially if you have any concerns.

The problem is almost half of 40-70 year olds do not know enough about bowel cancer to take action that could either prevent it or detect it at its earliest stages.

People don’t like to talk about anything to do with bowels or bowel symptoms as they feel uncomfortable or embarrassed.

We want our messages to reach the millions of Australian at risk of bowel cancer.  That might be you, your Mum, a brother or friend.  About 1 in 12 people will develop the disease.

Start talking.  Join The Bowel Movement.  Here are three easy steps:

  • Talk – help remove the embarrassment surrounding bowel cancer by talking with family and friends about signs, symptoms and testing.
  • Test – take a bowel cancer screening test, especially if you’re over 50.
  • Tell – share your family’s medical history with close relatives.
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