A hair raising fundraiser in support of Bowel Cancer Australia
Now in its fourth year down under, December is Decembeard for Bowel Cancer Australia.
A hair–raising fundraiser held during the month of December (1-31 December), Decembeard® encourages REAL men to grow a beard in the final month of the year to raise awareness and much needed funds for bowel cancer.
Launched in 2012 by our good friends and UK charity partner, Beating Bowel Cancer, Decembeard was created as a quirky way to draw attention to the UK's second biggest cancer killer – bowel cancer – and to raise funds.
One of the many things Australia has in common with the UK, as well as our joint love of manly facial hair, is that bowel cancer is also Australia's second biggest cancer killer.
So come on Australia, let's get behind Decembeard this December.  Because we too believe REAL men grow beards.
REAL women and children are also encouraged to take part in Decembeard Australia by making, baking or faking a beautiful beard.  We'd also love your help in raising awareness of bowel cancer and encouraging your fathers, brothers, husbands, boyfriends, partners and male friends to find out about bowel cancer and grow a beard for Decembeard!
The Decembeard® phenomenon continues to expand internationally, with REAL men growing beards for bowel cancer via Decembeard UK, Decembeard Irealand, Decembeard Australia, Decemberad NZ and Decembeard Ireland.
Visit the Decembeard Australia website.