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Emily and Briony took part in the Blackmores Sydney Running Festival 2017 to help raise much needed funds for Bowel Cancer Australia. 

"Ten years ago, one of our grandfathers died in his early 60's due to 6-inches of his bowel dying. Despite this, 90% of cases of bowel cancer can be treated if detected early.


"I’d always loved running and wanted to fulfill the achievement of running a half marathon".

"Although the idea of finishing Run Melbourne’s half marathon would be an unbelievable achievement after my mum was diagnosed with bowel cancer I strived for a new goal, to not only finish the 21km but raise as much money as possible for this amazing cause to not only help my mum in her fight but for the thousands of others fighting also".

"I managed to not only finish the half marathon but also raise $3,840 to Bowel Cancer Australia due to my amazing family, friends and generous people around me in which I’d like to thank greatly" said Gemma.

Big thank you to Gemma on completing the half marathon and doing an amazing job fundraising. Well done, you should be so proud! 



When my wife (pictured) was diagnosed with Bowel Cancer in June this year, our previously calm and controlled world stopped momentarily. After we gathered our thoughts and prepared Michelle for her treatment, I recalled what a great man in Neale Daniher (MND sufferer) told me: Be a doer, not a thinker….be a giver, not a taker!

We thank the Classic Ladies Foundation for their generous donation as part of their 2017 fundraising activities, helping Bowel Cancer Australia to continue having an everlasting impact on our health future – one where no Australian dies from bowel cancer.
The fundraising included a number of activities including a monster raffle, merchandise, a charity auction, and social event at the Landmark Classic Campdraft Sale, held annually in Tamworth.
The William Tennent Sunset Cruise was an event created to raise money for Bowel Cancer Australia in honour of Bill Tennent of Rockhampton, Queensland. Bill has been battling bowel cancer with secondaries for almost two years and was, unfortunately, too ill to attend the cruise on November 19th.
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