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Bowel cancer is Australia’s second biggest cancer killer yet is one of the most treatable if detected early. In aid of Bowel Cancer Australia and to celebrate Bowel Cancer Awareness Month, Apex Roma is hosting a trivia night this Thursday.
Apex member and bowel cancer survivor Stephanie Kay is hoping to shine some light on a cancer that is not often spoken about whilst having fun at the same time. “I had bowel cancer when I was 21 and it’s Bowel Cancer Awareness Month during June so we just thought we’d do something fun,” Ms Kay said. “We’ve done a few trivia nights in the past and they have been really successful; and they’re not something that always happens in Roma.”

Burning for a super hot cause

Barossa & Light Herald

The Gawler and Light Rotaract Club took up an unique initiative on Monday night, raising over $1000 for Bowel Cancer Australia with a suicide wing challenge at the Golden Fleece Hotel.
The suicide wing challenge saw some of the spiciest wings the region has ever seen, with a special recipe put together by the chefs at the Gawlerbased hotel.
Five young men, Kyle Hutchinson, Matt Cartwright, Dan Clift, Branden Thompson and Thomas Hopgood put their stomachs, tongues and taste buds to the test all for charity, with Kyle downing a colossal 15 wings in half an hour.
A number of the challengers felt the burn in their fingers alone as they attempted to eat the smoking hot wings.
Samantha Mitchell at the Gawler and Light Rotaract Club was more than pleased, with her target of $700 smashed by a long shot, with people paying by per wing consumed, or chunks of donations into the Darth Maul money box.

Nell is cutting her hair off

Making A Difference

Big thanks to young fundraiser Eleanor (Nell), who raised close to $2000 in support of Bowel Cancer Australia through her big "hair chop" to help others!
"For a long time I have wanted to shave my hair off. And then I thought I could donate my hair to make wigs for people who have cancer, and maybe raise money too. My Aunty Georgina’s best friend Leisa, died from bowel cancer just before Christmas in 2015. All the kids were happy because it was Christmas time, but Gina was really, really sad. Leisa also has a little daughter who is only seven years old. That’s not much younger than me. Mum wasn’t so sure that shaving all my hair off was a great idea. She was a bit worried I wouldn't like my new look! So after a lot of discussion, we decided I could cut my hair really, really short and still donate it to make a wig. By becoming an Every Day Hero, I am hoping to also raise some money for Bowel Cancer Australia. I would be very sad if this happened to someone I love, and I feel sad for Leisa and her family and friends. She was only 47."

Birmingham Primary School Fundraiser

Gracie makes a difference

CONGRATULATIONS to 8 year old Gracie, who did an absolutely fabulous job supporting Bowel Cancer Australia through her annual fundraiser. Gracie chooses a different charity or cause to raise money for each year. “This year, I chose bowel cancer because my Great Poppy died of bowel cancer before I was born. It makes me very sad that I never got to meet him!!! I asked all my family, friends and my grade 2 teacher, to donate towards the cause. I raised $90 altogether. I really hope this helps other people”. Thank you Gracie for your generosity and for helping making a difference!

Club aces charity event

Pakenham Gazette

Club aces charity event

Families and friends of the Clyde Tennis Club were all in agreeance - the club’s inaugural Charity Challenge was right off the middle of the strings ... a smash hit!

The two competing families, the Hills and Corrigans, were supported from players from Devon Meadows, Cranbourne and Clyde, and some from the Metro Pennant competition, all with aim of raising funds for charity.

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