Jacko's Hawaiian Bowls Day 2016

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The Riethmuller family organised "Jacko's Hawaiian Bowls Day" in memory of their husband & father Wayne "Jacko" Riethmuller.
"Jacko" was the president of the Peranga Bowls Club when he passed away last October and in honour of "Jacko" members, mates, friends and families wee invited to come along dressed in an Hawaiian styled outfit and join in the fun.
"Dad (Jacko) almost always wore an Hawaiian shirt to the club and his mates always made a bit of a fuss about it and that is why the theme for this special day is Hawaiian with grass skirts, shirts and bucket hats," daughter Courtney Riethmuller said. 
It looks like a lot of fun was had on the day and it is such a personalised way of remembering Wayne.
Warmest thanks to the Riethmuller family for their support. 
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