Community Fundraisers in Acton - Our Big Swim

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Whilst adopting their usual position at the Qantas Club buffet, it became obvious to Andrew and Chris that they were two very unfit 40 year olds, although in their own minds they still looked pretty good.
They decided to set a goal. They needed to pick an activity and an event to train for - both had a competitive swimming past and a distinct lack of interest in running or wearing lycra, so swimming it was!
Setting their goal high, Andrew and Chris chose to compete in the Rottnest Channel Swim, Australia's biggest ocean swim at 19.8 km from Cottesloe Beach to Rottnest Island!
The Rottnest Channel swim takes between six and seven hours to complete, so a lot of training and planning is required. Each swimmer or duo needs a boat & crew and a paddler to accompany them. It's also a no wetsuit swim, so it's lucky that the boys think they look so good in Speedos!
In recent times, both Andrew and Chris (AV and Swifty) have had close friends and male business colleagues affected by and in a few cases die from men's health issues (specifically bowel and prostate cancer).
So they chose to support three organisations through their swim; Bowel Cancer Australia, Prostate Cancer Foundation and Young Care, and raising an amazing $20,000 for BCA through their efforts!
Thanks AV and Swifty :)
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