Community Fundraisers in Action - Steff & Lewis

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Following on from Lewis and Steph's marvellous Great Ocean Road marathon fundraiser in 2014 (that raised $9,425) the pair have enthusiastically continued their support during Lewis' training for the 56km Two Bays Trail Run as well as the 235km Peaks Challenge bike ride in March 2015.
"As for the run itself it was certainly a challenge. The hard work for these events is normally in the preparation with the run itself just carrying the fear of the body letting me down matched with the thrill of achieving a personal goal. In this case though I admit to underestimating just how tough the actual run would be. The course itself was spectacular but after hitting the wall three and a half hours in it took all my reserves to continue for another two hours to the finish line" said Lewis.
"One of the toughest things I find with Steph's disease is the helplessness of not being able to assist. I often marvel at her attitude as she endures the nausea, rashes and other side effects of her treatment. It certainly makes motivating oneself to get out for a run an easy task".
"The fundraising and awareness campaign also helps in this regard giving us a positive focus. Whilst it is impossible to quantify results I figure that if it makes just one person consider their symptoms and visit a doctor earlier it has been worthwhile".
Lewis continues to push himself to the limits to show his support for his sister Steph who was diagnosed with stage IV bowel cancer in May 2013 and has been receiving ongoing treatment since. Great job Lewis!
Our very best wishes to Steph, and thank you both for your incredible support.
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