Community Fundraisers in Action - Melbourne Marathon - Bum Runners

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A very warm congratulations to the 'Bum Runners'!
Inspired by team member Emma's personal bowel cancer journey, the team raised over $13,250 through the Melbourne Marathon, and looked fabulous in their Bum Shorts!
"Since being diagnosed with bowel cancer in April 2012 at the age of 30, I've been exposed to the devastating effects cancer has on those diagnosed and their families.In just one short year, I've experienced people my own age passing away from this disease, the very disease I'm currently fighting.
I made it my mission to complete this challenge in their honour, in honour of those I know who are currently fighting and to be defiant to this illness that has weaselled its way in and turned my life upside down. I'm doing it to show cancer who is boss - and that's me!
Life's for the living and that's what I am here to prove, not just to cancer, but to everyone that knows me "
The Bum Runners had such a ball on the day and are so proud of their efforts. We are too guys, thank you and WELL DONE!
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