Community Fundraisers in Action - A Super Heroes Send Off

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Following Jeff's diagnosis with colon cancer, Katie decided she wanted to hold a very special housewarming party in his honour.
"Not long before the party my brother was told the cancer had spread and he only had a short time left to live. The donations started coming in online even before the party and many people were coming to say their last good byes. Jeff passed away 2 weeks later. He was 33 and leaves behind a beautiful wife and two gorgeous girls. We will miss him terribly.
At his funeral I urged everyone to become aware of the signs of bowel; colon and other cancers, and that they can affect young people as well as old. I hope that my brother's story will make other people aware of the risks and the signs of cancer and catch it in the early stages when it can still be treated. Even superheroes can get cancer"
Warmest thanks Katie, family and friends, we very much appreciate your support.
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