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The Pink Ladies – HBF Run for a Reason

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Fundraiser and patient, Jo, has one message for younger people with bowel cancer symptoms – "go with your gut".

At 46, Jo thought she was too young for bowel cancer but quickly realised this is not always the case.

"In 2013 I was diagnosed with bowel cancer. It was a massive shock and something that I knew very little about. It was at a time in my life that I felt very healthy, happy, energised and life was actually pretty fun," Jo said.
"If something is not right keep getting it checked until you are happy."

Jo underwent chemotherapy and surgery and is now on the road to recovery. She recently participated in the HBF Run for a Reason event with her team "The Pink Ladies" to show her appreciation for Bowel Cancer Australia's support during a tough time.

"Bowel cancer Australia helped me in so many ways with my diet and helped me understand the process of recovery which sometimes seemed like a world away. It also helped me feel less isolated knowing that others had similar problems and gave me real practical solutions," Jo said.

"If walking 4kms can help them just a little I am happy to do it. I am thankful that they were there to help me and my family.

"The weather was warm and sunny and while we were walking along riverside drive in Perth next to the beautiful swan river along with thousands of others I felt so thankful to be alive," Jo added.

Jo and the Pink Ladies raised $1400by competing in the 4km section.

Jo says she is now living by her new philosophy: "Whatever it takes".

"Life is so precious, so do whatever it is you need to do to stay healthy, happy and continue to make it wonderful," she said.

Thank you Jo for supporting Bowel Cancer Australia. You should be very proud of the amazing job you have done. Congratulations!
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