2015 Sunday Mail Suncorp Bank Bridge to Brisbane

Lynda & Tracey Making A Difference

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When her best friend was diagnosed with Stage 3 bowel cancer earlier in the year, Tracey wanted to do something special to show her support. "No one ever plans this into their journey through life. Lynda and I have been the best of friends since grade 5. This news breaks my heart to the very core. We have held each other's hands through a lot of things in our 41 years of friendship. Lynda is a positive and strong person that never gives up from any challenge that has ever come her way. Lynda is creative and motivated person that will beat this thing her way with the help of the amazing bowel cancer team and the support of her family and friends that love her dearly," said Tracey.

Lynda and Tracey participated in the Sunday Mail Suncorp Bank Bridge to Brisbane and set up a fundraising page on behalf of Bowel Cancer Australia.

"Lynda was worried about not finishing the bridge to Brisbane or being able to start this run/walk at all. Luckily this event was on her off chemo week and I literally found it was all I could do to keep up with her. Ever the inspiration, Lynda is a champion in my eyes and always has been," Tracey said.
Lynda would like to get the message out there "Poo kit, do it" because this is how she was diagnosed and has potentially saved her life.

Thank you to Tracey for doing such an amazing job and supporting her dear friend Lynda. Great job ladies!
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