Bowel cancer is Australia’s second biggest cancer killer and its impact is felt not just by those diagnosed with the disease, but also by their loved ones.
I know this from personal experience. In 2012, my wife’s mother, Gail, was told she had the disease.
It's not something anyone should have to go through, or watch a loved one go through. Marissa’s Mum faces some tough days, but she has some really good days too.
I have seen first-hand the heartache bowel cancer can cause which is why promoting awareness, raising funds and supporting Bowel Cancer Australia are things I am very passionate about and proud to do.
By sharing our experience, I’m hoping to champion the role of families and carers who dedicate themselves to helping loved ones affected by bowel cancer. People like my wife, Marissa, and her grandmother Hazel (Gail’s mother).
We are so grateful for Hazel (Gail’s mother) who has taken on the role of Gail’s full time carer at the age of 89. Hazel does such a great job and we are very grateful for the role that she plays. It is a reminder that bowel cancer does not only affect individuals but it also affects families.
Decembeard creates an opportunity for people across the country to help save lives and improve the health and wellbeing of people living with bowel cancer – people like Marissa’s mum and people like us.
Beards aren't just for hipsters, grandpas, men that ride motorbikes or people that are too lazy to shave. Anyone can help make real change happen.
All you need to do is grow a beard or stubble this December, and promote your facial hair to raise awareness and funds for Australia’s second biggest cancer killer - bowel cancer.
For those who can’t grow a beard, including women and children, there are lots of other ways to get involved, such as making or faking a beard, hosting a beardtastic Christmas party or simply making a donation.
Together, we can make real change happen.
Join me and sign up today at Decembeard Australia to help beat bowel cancer.
Chad Townsend
Cronulla Sharks
Bowel Cancer Australia Ambassador