Stakeholder Forum

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The Cancer Drugs Alliance Stakeholder Forum was hosted by the Cancer Drugs Alliance (CDA) and sponsored by Medicines Australia Oncology Industry Taskforce (OIT) and Cancer Council Australia.

Forum supporters include Bowel Cancer Australia, Brain Tumour Alliance Australia, Breast Cancer Network Australia, CanSpeak, Leukaemia Foundation, Lung Foundation Australia, Rare Cancers Australia, Unicorn Foundation, Australian Private Hospitals Association, the GI Cancer Institute and Medicines Australia.

The CDA is a not-for-profit multi-stakeholder organisation committed to achieving the best outcomes for Australian cancer patients through timely and affordable access to new cancer medicines. 

The unprecedented meeting of Australia's cancer community, hosted by the Cancer Drugs Alliance, has acknowledged the urgent need for change if Australian patients are to gain equitable and timely access to the latest cancer medicines.

The CDA Forum demonstrated a high level of willingness from most stakeholders to work collaboratively towards a solution. 

The Forum identified five priority initiatives which will be taken forward to improve the current system including:

  • Building a meaningful and impactful public and consumer voice for cancer patients
  • Improving the current system of access with better processes such as managed entry scheme, tiering in the submission process, greater oncology clinical expertise in the process, more appropriate evidence requirements and improved transparency
  • Exploring and developing new and innovative access models that take into account the complexity of cancer – such as adaptive licensing, provisional listing, flexible pricing and expedited approval – together with looking at international best practice models
  • Reducing the burden of red-tape on healthcare professionals and removing unnecessary processes
  • Establishing a national chemotherapy registry to provide a database of outcomes following the use of chemotherapy and targeted medicines.