Phillip's bowel cancer story (father diagnosed age 59, VIC)

After my dad (59) started experiencing a change in his bowel habits he decided to go and see his GP. He had just received his results from the Bowel Screening Kit, which was negative for blood in the stool. His GP thought he had a stomach bug, but decided to send him for a colonoscopy to be sure.
Dad was diagnosed with stage two bowel cancer. During surgery he had a quarter of his bowel removed followed by chemotherapy. Mum and I were with him at all his hospital visits and took him for all his chemo sessions.
A year later, dad was diagnosed as being terminal as the cancer had spread to his liver. He passed away in January 2015, just two years after his initial diagnosis.
Looking back, I wish I had known others who had a parent with cancer. I think being able to talk to someone who was going through something similar would have made things a bit easier. One evening I exploded, it came from nowhere. I didn’t realise how much losing dad to cancer and seeing mum trying to cope on her own had affected me.

At the time, we were all trying to be so strong. But the stress of looking after both my parents during grieving periods was hard.

Thankfully mum is doing ok. She is our focus at the moment.
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