Peter F's bowel cancer story (diagnosed age 41, NSW)

Buying a $40 FOBT kit is so much cheaper when compared to your life.

I was diagnosed with bowel cancer at the age of 40 after finally getting around to using an FOBT kit. I had purchased the kit in June 2012 and it sat in my cupboard until I finally used it in early September. The results came back positive.

I had a colonoscopy on October 15 and was diagnosed with early bowel cancer. In early November I had an operation to remove the cancer and due to the bowel not sealing, I was given a temporary stoma, which was removed in January.

I had to move to Sydney for treatment so I had very little time to really think about the consequences of the positive test for cancer but I feel I was lucky that my diagnosis and treatment was so quick. The worst part was waiting between the positive result and the colonoscopy, as not knowing allowed me to think the worst.

Since then I have made a full recovery.

I am so thankful for the kit saving my life. If I had not purchased one, I would never have found the cancer in time. I’m only 41 so I thought that I was safe – how wrong I was!

Since my diagnosis and treatment I have been telling everyone how easy the kit is to use and suggest they get one.

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