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I am an example of the value of regularly undertaking the in-home FIT test and the benefits of early bowel cancer detection.
I had been doing the Colovantage test for about 7 years with the result coming back each year as negative until late 2015 when the result came back positive.

Hello, my name is Camille and I’m a 41-year-old mother of four from South Australia. In July last year I was diagnosed with colon (bowel) cancer after multiple visits to the ED department.


I was six months pregnant with my first baby when I started experiencing blood in my stool. I talked to my obstetrician, who said that a little bleeding can often happen during pregnancy but that the amount I was experiencing sounded a little suspicious. She referred me to a gastroenterologist and I decided to wait until after my baby was born to book the appointment.


When I was diagnosed with stage III bowel cancer in 2006, I was 45 years old.

I am a wife and a mother of three (now 23, 20 & 16 years old) and an office manager. 

I had no family history of bowel cancer and I led a healthy lifestyle before my diagnosis, although I was told further along the process that I carry the HNPCC gene, which is a strong indicator of the disease. 


I’m not sure why this has taken me so long to write. It’s almost like I wasn’t ready to actually face everything that I’ve been through over the past 2 years. 36 years old. October 2016 – my diagnosis……rectal cancer. Stage 3. It’s penetrated the bowel wall into the lymph nodes but not sure if it’s gone to other organs in the body?

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