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When Maureen received a screening kit in the mail just after her 55th birthday, she had no reservations about doing the test.

“It was just too simple not to do. The test was hygienic, quick to complete and extremely straight-forward,” she said.

Just as well, because ultimately this unusual birthday present saved her life.  When the test returned a positive result, Maureen was not overly concerned as she had read in the accompanying booklet that the presence of blood may be due to conditions other than cancer.

I used to eat all of the recommended things for healthy living – fresh fruits and vegetables, protein from a range of high quality sources like meat, seafood and nuts. When it came to things like cheese, chocolate and coffee, I ate them only in moderation.

Due to an ileostomy I received following bowel cancer surgery, I now have to consume a ‘low residue’ (low fibre) diet, consisting of low fibre white bread, mashed vegetables and jelly.

I was diagnosed with Stage IV bowel cancer in 2015, at the age of 31.

At the time of my diagnosis the cancer had already spread extensively to my liver and lungs.

At the time I was diagnosed I had recently returned to work as a Midwife and our little boy was 18 months old.


We went through five extremely painful years.

They were especially hard for my strong, brave and beautiful mother.

She was diagnosed with stage 4 rectal cancer and it was very aggressive.


I had been healthy all my life.

I played sport and rarely needed to see a doctor.

By the time I was 35, however, I had begun to take my health for granted as my life revolved around raising two young children with my wife and working hard to build a career to support my family. I paid little regard to my diet, exercise, or sleep habits.

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