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I was diagnosed with bowel cancer in 1999 at 36 years of age. Twelve months prior to my diagnosis I had visited my GP and raised concerns about weight loss, rectal bleeding, changes in my bowel habit, stomach pain and feeling tired. My GP told me it was stress-related.

After numerous visits I felt like I a hypochondriac so I stopped going to the doctor to report the same symptoms and accepted it was stress (even though I didn’t feel it was stress related). I was a single mother with two young children so I told myself it was not unusual to feel tired.


Some people are known for their sense of humour, some for their compassion, others for their courage.  Anyone who knew bowel cancer victim Vicki Morris will tell you she was all of this and more.

Vicki’s husband Peter writes:  Cancer is one of those things that you think happens to someone else and it is a shock when it comes to your own household.  It doesn’t need to be a death sentence, but the odds are difficult to beat. It takes someone exceptional to deal with it as bravely as Vicki did.


I am 31 years old and happily married with two children (3 years and 18 months old) and another little boy on the way, due any time now. I'm an Australian Federal Police Officer currently attached to the Specialist Response and Security Tactical Response Team.

Bowel cancer was the last thing on my mind when I started to experience small amounts of rectal bleeding. 


I threw away the National Bowel Cancer Screening kit I received in the mail thinking it was an invasion of privacy – yet screening is the most important thing you can do!


I was diagnosed with bowel cancer in October 2013.


I am a 57 year old and I guess my diagnosis of bowel cancer did not come as a real shock. At 21 (1982) I was diagnosed with Familial Adenomatous Polyposis (FAP) and subsequently had a sub-total colectomy.

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