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Being diagnosed with bowel cancer is tough. You think you are going to die and you quickly start to re-think your bucket list!

The first indication I had a problem was with a bowel motion I had. When I looked in the toilet bowl, it was full of blood. In hindsight, I wish I had taken a photo as I was later questioned repeatedly about the quantity of blood I had seen. There was a lot of blood! I even called my husband to have a look!

I was diagnosed with stage 2b bowel cancer in August 2017 at the age of 39....

During the past few years of my life I always experienced fatigued, stomach upsets and cramping. When I was in my late 20's all my blood tests would show up that I had Coeliac Disease and every time I experience any symptoms I would just put it down to Coeliac Disease. That I either drank or ate something that had gluten in it, that would cause the upset stomachs and pain, it became my "Normal"....


I was diagnosed with Stage 2b bowel cancer in August 2017, when I went to my doctor feeling extremely tired and seeing blood when I would go to the bathroom. For me I thought this was normal, as I had been previously told I could have Celiac disease and summed it up to being Celiac and I had eaten something with gluten.


In 2010, I was 19 and planning my wedding. Unlike most brides-to-be, I was also in and out of the GP’s office fighting with her to take my bowel issues seriously and undergoing a series of tests.

I was extremely anaemic and required weekly infusions over 12 weeks, in the lead up to my wedding.

When a FOBT confirmed positive for blood in my stools, my GP still kept telling me “you are too young for bowel cancer” and that it was a waste of her time to pursue testing further because she was confident it would come back negative.


Ok, so apparently, I am a kick ass woman, who like many many others has her own story to share, so here goes!

Hi, my name’s Tamara and two and a half years ago I was diagnosed with bowel cancer – I was 40.

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