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I woke from what was supposed to be a routine, last resort colonoscopy and was advised that my undertaking of this small procedure had saved my life.

I was diagnosed with bowel cancer last year in October 2012 at the age of 21.


I was diagnosed with bowel cancer in late 2014, at the age of 37.  I had experienced mid-day fatigue the year prior, which I attributed to job dissatisfaction. I also had the occasional feeling of nausea and random severe stomach pains, which I thought was a dairy intolerance.


Three weeks prior to my diagnosis I had been sent a National Bowel Screen Kit. I looked at it and thought, “I should really do that one day”.

Needless to say, I left the kit on the bench and three weeks later ended up seeing my GP on a Wednesday afternoon for a prescription. At the time I complained of having had a slight pain in my abdomen. The GP asked to examine my abdomen and it was then he felt a mass.

My message to anyone reading this is to be persistent. If you feel there is something wrong, push your doctor to do something about it.
In Jan 2013 I visited my GP as I was experiencing stomach pains. The doctor decided it was probably related to certain foods in my diet so didn't carry out any investigations.

At the time I felt I wasn't being taken seriously because I was so young.

In February the pains became severe so I called an out of hours GP who suggested stomach ease medication and to see my GP for further investigation. The pain passed again that same evening.
I have always been conscientious with mammograms and pap smear tests so I believe if bowel cancer testing had been brought to my attention; I would have done it too.

My husband and I are in our early sixties and bowel cancer testing had never been mentioned to us through our family doctor and we had not been sent testing kits. At the time, inclusion in the testing kit program was based on your year and date of birth so we had both missed out. And since we had no history of bowel cancer in our families, it was never on my radar.
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