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My name is Barbara and I was first diagnosed with rectal cancer in 2015, three days after I turned 60. I am the youngest of six children, mum and dad lived till 85 and 91 respectively and there is no record of any cancer in my family history.

I had been experiencing some bleeding, but both my daughters had had the same and were both given a diagnosis of colitis, so I thought I would be told the same. I also had blood tests done which indicated NO bowel or ovarian cancer! It was therefore a great shock to be given the “Big C “ news.

From 2010 until 2015, I was using the Lion’s Club Bowel Test kits, and the results were clear. I usually have blood tests for my six-monthly medicals with my GP. In October 2015, on my 78th birthday, my GP decided to include a stool test with my blood tests.
"Whilst I have a way to go before I can say I'm cancer free, I reckon things are looking pretty rosy."
Back in October 2014, I received what I now refer to as my "gift pack" for turning 50 from the Victorian Government.

I decided to visit my GP to discuss the kit in more detail. I had experienced intermittent rectal bleeding along with loose bowel movements so my GP organised a colonoscopy to determine the health of my bowel. During the procedure a low rectal polypoid was discovered and a subsequent biopsy confirmed a cancerous tumour.

I was 28 when I was diagnosed with bowel cancer in January 2011.

I’d had rectal bleeding, changed bowel habits and stomach pain for a while but had put off investigating the symptoms – I was living in China at the time so I figured it was either an intestinal infection that I couldn't seem to shake or a reaction to something I’d eaten. 


My name is Bob and I'm 76 years old. I’m what some people call a cancer survivor.

Actually, I’ve survived cancer twice.
In September 2006 after many tests and scans, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. I started radiation treatment seven months later, which included 35 treatments over seven weeks.
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