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After experiencing rectal bleeding I took myself off to the doctor for a check up. My GP recommended I have a colonoscopy, which I almost canceled thinking I was over reacting, but only that one of my closest girlfriends parents had both been diagnosed with bowel cancer, made me decide to go ahead with the test. I am greatful now I did.

During the colonoscopy I had a 3cm polyp removed which a week later I was told was cancerous and that I would need to be referred to a Colorectal surgeon. During my colonoscopy and the removal of the polyp my bowel was perforated, which no one seemed to realize until a week later, I became to get really unwell and was admitted to hospital and required 30cm of my bowel to be removed. It all happened so fast, like it was almost not real.

I was diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2007. Ironically, I had just given up smoking and was trying to get fit. I was even riding my bike to work for exercise but I was feeling more and more tired. That’s when I knew something was wrong.
Three months prior to my diagnosis, I had been experiencing stomach pains and eventually I ended up in the emergency department of hospital. The doctors there thought I had Crohn’s disease and arranged for me to have a CT scan. That’s when they discovered the tumour. It was Stage 3 with some lymph node involvement but luckily it hadn’t spread to any other organs. Two weeks later I had a laparoscopic right hemicolectomy followed by chemotherapy three weeks later.

I successfully beat prostate cancer in 2007 so being diagnosed with bowel cancer so soon after came as a real shock.

I did the Rotary bowel cancer test (FOBT) in March 2009 and the results were negative. But later that year, my bowel habits began to change – mainly increased urgency and frequency – and when I twice noticed blood in my stools I decided to take the FOBT again. This time the results were positive.

I was overseas when the results came through in April 2010 so I talked to my GP in Australia over the phone and he recommended that I see a GP in England as soon as possible.


I was diagnosed with advanced bowel cancer in September 2011 after seeing my GP about a very small amount of blood being present on my toilet paper. **

The GP asked me to get a home testing kit from the chemist, conduct the test and return it to him. The test showed it was a positive result so I was referred to another doctor to conduct a colonoscopy. The colonoscopy took place on September 26 and the results showed two tumours in my large bowel. I was booked in for a CT scan the next day. After the scan my doctor told me I had two primary cancer cells in my large bowel.

In 2014 I received my first National Bowel Cancer Screening Program kit as I had turned 50. I put off doing the test for some time because I had none of the symptoms so thought I did not need to do it. My wife convinced me to do the test and thank goodness I did because shortly after sending it away I received the news that I had a positive result. It was a huge shock.
My GP then referred me to a gastroenterologist for a colonoscopy. During the scope they found a cancerous polyp, so I was then referred to a surgeon and within a couple of weeks I was in hospital having the cancerous polyp removed.
The surgeon removed 40 cm of my bowel to successfully remove the cancerous polyp and lymph nodes for testing. The operation was a success and I did not need a stoma.
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