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I had been to a GP several times in 2012 and each time I was told I had gastro. I had been to another GP several years earlier with suspected bleeding and was told I had haemorrhoids. I began getting sicker more regularly and for longer each time. I went to another doctor with the sole purpose of getting a referral - he was at a medical centre opened in the evening so it was convenient while juggling family and work. This new GP was very thorough and tested for a couple of things before referring me to a gastroenterologist. I saw the gastroenterologist a week later and had a colonoscopy the week after that on the 19th April. The bowel prep made me sicker than I've ever been - it wasn't flushing me out, I was vomiting bile all night.

I had noticed some blood in the toilet for about a month but thought it was due to constipation. I was working fulltime and have four children to look after – being so busy I just carried on and didn't dwell on it. One morning, however, I thought I had diarrhoea but all I could see was a lot of old blood in the toilet bowl. I left my husband with the kids at home and took myself straight off to hospital.Staff at the hospital found evidence of bleeding with no obvious cause. The doctor said he would write a referral to a specialist for an urgent colonoscopy.


I was 17 when the diagnosis was made.


I used to think cancer was the worst thing that had ever happened to me until it became the best thing. This might sound crazy but it is true.

I am a wife and mother to a now 6 year old son. I was diagnosed with bowel cancer in May 2011 at the age of 41. I had been suffering from exhaustion, stomach pain and unusual bowel habits for three or four months and finally saw my GP when the pain started getting much worse.

After experiencing rectal bleeding I took myself off to the doctor for a check up. My GP recommended I have a colonoscopy, which I almost canceled thinking I was over reacting, but only that one of my closest girlfriends parents had both been diagnosed with bowel cancer, made me decide to go ahead with the test. I am greatful now I did.

During the colonoscopy I had a 3cm polyp removed which a week later I was told was cancerous and that I would need to be referred to a Colorectal surgeon. During my colonoscopy and the removal of the polyp my bowel was perforated, which no one seemed to realize until a week later, I became to get really unwell and was admitted to hospital and required 30cm of my bowel to be removed. It all happened so fast, like it was almost not real.

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