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I was diagnosed with bowel cancer (T4 N1 M0) on the 3rd June, 2010.

I went to my GP after I noticed bright red blood on the toilet paper and was booked in for a colonoscopy four days later, which is when they found the tumour.  Within 10 days of my diagnosis I had blood tests, a CT scan and two MRIs.  I saw two gastroenterologists, three colorectal surgeons and four oncologists. I researched hospitals, services and care teams. 
My gastroenterologists told me I had a tumour that looked cancerous as I woke up from the colonoscopy. 

I was first diagnosed with a hernia, which seemed to explain the changes in my bowel habits and the stomach pains I had been experiencing.

But in the lead up to the Easter long weekend in 2009, I started feeling pretty unwell.

We had family arriving so I didn’t really want to make a fuss – we were meant to be enjoying Good Friday together, after all – but I felt much worse as the day went on and started vomiting.
Twelve months ago in January 2013, I was diagnosed with bowel cancer, yep the big "C"! It was one of the luckiest days of my life, as being diagnosed meant I could get help and beat the bastard.
I told everybody the bastard won't beat me and here I am 12 months later celebrating. I am thankful to all my family, friends, work colleagues, customers and suppliers for all the love and support given through the bad times. I sit here quietly, reflecting on what a lucky person I am.

I was 34 when I was diagnosed with Stage IV bowel cancer.

I had been experiencing some abdominal bloating for only a week or so, and went to see my GP.

As I had been travelling I was prescribed antibiotics to rule out an infection, but after a week I still had symptoms.

After my dad (59) started experiencing a change in his bowel habits he decided to go and see his GP. He had just received his results from the Bowel Screening Kit, which was negative for blood in the stool. His GP thought he had a stomach bug, but decided to send him for a colonoscopy to be sure.
Dad was diagnosed with stage two bowel cancer. During surgery he had a quarter of his bowel removed followed by chemotherapy. Mum and I were with him at all his hospital visits and took him for all his chemo sessions.
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