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The first time I even knew something was up with mum was the day before my birthday. She called to tell me not to expect any birthday presents, as she had been too unwell to go shopping. This was so unlike her and I knew immediately something must be up.

Poor mum had been in so much pain and not sleeping at night. She finally went to her GP who examined her and was concerned he had felt a mass. A CT Scan was booked on December 7 and a tumour discovered.

I was 33 years old and learnt very quickly that in the blink of an eye your life can change. Your goals, dreams, and priorities are all forced to take different turns.

It all started late March 2017...

“I have three great kids age five, nine and 13, and my misses who I need to stick around for. At this point, I’ll do anything it takes to make sure I get to see them grow up, make sure the mortgage gets paid, and that they are ok.”
Despite visiting four different GPs over a seven month period, it may very well have been my partner who saved my life.

Every time I saw a GP my symptoms were put down to constipation. I was given different medications to try but nothing worked.

I had been healthy all my life.

I played sport and rarely needed to see a doctor.

By the time I was 35, however, I had begun to take my health for granted as my life revolved around raising two young children with my wife and working hard to build a career to support my family. I paid little regard to my diet, exercise, or sleep habits.

My face was my reason for seeing my GP. I really wasn't that worried about the lesion on the side of my face. After all my neighbour, who is a plastic surgeon had told me it was a simple basal cell carcinoma (BCC).
I'd had them before and had them dealt with when time allowed for a visit to the GP. The rectal bleeding I was experiencing wasn't unusual. I had lived with a haemorrhoid for over 15 years at least, so a bit of blood wasn't a concern. I'd seen that before and wasn't worried, though it seemed a little heavier lately.
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