Bowel Cancer Stories

I was diagnosed in October 2014 after seeing my GP about a change in my bowel movements.

Initially I asked for a stool test kit, however my GP wanted me to have a more thorough assessment and referred me to have a colonoscopy, which was organised for the following Wednesday.

When I awoke up from my colonoscopy the doctor told me he needed to speak with me but wanted to wait until I was more awake. I told him I was feeling wide awake so to hit me with the news. That was when I discovered a tumour in my bowel had been found and the specialist believed it was cancerous.
I'm Maria and this is my bowel cancer story - so far!
As a 65 year old retiree, I’m very physically active and have lived a reasonably healthy lifestyle. I'm a keen walker, gardener and needle worker.

I have always kept up with regular pap smears, mammograms, bowel scans, physical check-ups and thought I was in good physical condition except for slightly bloated tummy.

Beauty blogger, Marisa Robinson normally writes about makeup and glamour.

However, in an effort to raise awareness, Marissa has written about her recent diagnosis with bowel cancer, at the age of 32, and how it has affected her life.


I am happy to report that I am still bowel cancer free! I attend regular appointments with my doctors and specialists, and I have also become a lot more conscious of my overall health.


We all know someone who has experienced the dreaded Bali Belly. They head to Bali expecting to have the time of their lives and end up spending days in bed with horrible stomach aches, vomiting and diarrhoea until they take enough Imodium and probiotics to kick it!

So when we headed to Bali on Sunday August 28 2016 and I started feeling nauseous on the plane I thought it was nothing more than my stomach not agreeing with the sandwich I ate at the airport. But when we landed in Bali that night I still didn't feel any better so I went straight to bed and hoped to sleep it off and wake up to start what would be an amazing holiday!

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