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In 2013, I was 37 years old. Overnight I went from being healthy and extremely fit to fatigued. I worked full time (40 hours a week), was the secretary of the P&C, managed my son’s soccer team and ran the household. My husband insisted I was so tired because I was doing so much. I knew this wasn’t the case, as it was a sudden drastic change in my health.


My name is Linda and I have stage 4 Colorectal Signet Ring Cell adenocarcinoma. My story goes like this....

In March 2015, at age 47, I discovered a huge lump on the right side of my abdomen. I left it for a while as I thought it would go away. After a week I thought I had better go to my GP.


Here is my timeline glimpse of how quickly a diagnosis and treatment occur. This is my Kick Ass Story.

*March 2015

National Bowel Cancer screening program (FOBT).


Prior to leaving for a three month holiday in our caravan I went to my doctor to get my blood pressure script for our journey ahead.

During the consultation my doctor asked how I was and I said ‘oh, I think those hemorrhoids must have popped’. She recommended I get checked out by a specialist before I left the following week.

Within the week I was able to get in to see a specialist who said I needed a colonoscopy. I explained I was going away but thankfully he had a cancellation on the Monday (I was going away on the Thursday). The day after my colonoscopy I got the phone call saying ‘you are not going anywhere you have cancer’.


I had rectal bleeding and abdomen pain for a year and a half before finally going back to my GP to tell her I thought the diagnosis of piles was wrong!

At one point, there was so much blood and mucous that I thought I had haemorrhaged. My GP finally referred me to another doctor who gave me a colonoscopy in January 2008, where he discovered a tumour and a number of polyps, which were removed.

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