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In August 2010 my life changed forever.  Nothing can prepare you for a bowel cancer diagnosis at just 38 years old.

I had been given what I thought was a routine colonoscopy to investigate the cause of my iron deficiency, which my doctor thought was probably due to an ulcer. But as I lay in bed in the recovery room after being told they had found a tumour, I remember thinking: ‘I’m too young.  I have a husband and two young boys.  This can’t be happening to me’.  


I was diagnosed with Stage 4 bowel cancer at 44 years old in late 2015.

To be honest, getting sick was definitely not on my radar.


My name's Fiona Tigar and I'm 52 years old. I work in healthcare and have worked in the area of bowel cancer; I'm even studying for a degree in health promotion, so acting on the signs and symptoms of bowel cancer should be high on my radar. And it was. Sort of. 


In 2000 I was diagnosed with pneumonia. While I was in hospital the specialist did a cancer marker test which came back really high. However the subsequent colonoscopy was not very clear as the prep had not been very effective.

In September 2011 I underwent a second colonoscopy as I was experiencing continual bad diarrhoea. During the procedure a carcinoid tumour was discovered.


A little about my situation

End of August, I was diagnosed with Stage 4 metastatic bowel cancer. It spread to my liver and some lymph nodes near my pancreas. I went into hospital with gall stone issues.... came out with cancer and I still have my bloody gall bladder.

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