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To say that I was shocked when I received my bowel cancer diagnosis three years ago is an understatement.  I was diagnosed with Stage 4 bowel cancer that had spread to my liver and lung. 

I was scared and angry and couldn’t believe this was happening to ME! 


I was diagnosed with bowel cancer in July 2017. I had just turned 34.

I had started studying nursing the year before.

A change of diet is what Darren's specialist advised him to undertake, despite a decade of unusual bowel habits and bleeding.
After so many years living with unusual bowel habits, I had come to think of it as pretty normal. I did go to see a specialist early on who examined me but just told me I needed to change my diet.

Life was great. I was fit and active, looking forward to the Melbourne Cup long weekend when to make things even better it was made official that I had been given my dream job - perfect!

I didn’t play cricket that weekend as I hadn’t trained because I didn’t feel up to it, and after the usual washouts and byes at the start of the season I couldn’t really get too motivated. Every time I trained I struggled but that’s what happens when you hit 41 years of age and you try to keep up with teenagers and fit tradies.


I was diagnosed with bowel cancer in 1993 at the age of 47.  I had taken a Rotary Bowelscan test (FOBT) and, when it returned a positive result in May, my GP referred me to a specialist.  I was given a colonoscopy in June and told I had a 10 per cent chance of having cancer… turns out, I was in that unlucky 10 per cent!  In July I had a bowel resection.  Looking back, it all happened so quickly.

I felt I coped really well with the cancer at the time but I experienced more problems about seven years later.  I suffered depression and was forced into medical retirement due to poor bowel control, all of which coincided with my father’s death.  I think I just bottled up all my emotions, and it wasn’t until I finally saw my GP that I was encouraged to talk about my experiences.

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