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I was diagnosed with bowel cancer at 54.  I had been feeling tired for some time and had been experiencing pain when I sat down, which I self-diagnosed as haemorrhoids and was treating with herbal cures.  I eventually saw my GP after about three months when the pain still hadn’t gone away.  The GP gave me a physical examination and sent me for a CT scan, which took a few days to schedule. 

Within a week of receiving the results of the scan, I was referred to a colorectal surgeon and soon after had a colonoscopy, which was almost pointless because they couldn’t get the camera past the lump in my colon.  More tests were ordered and my tumour was eventually diagnosed as stage 3.

A busy mother of four and a professional working within in a very public leadership role, I was diagnosed with bowel cancer at just 43 years of age.
Like many people, I thought bowel cancer was an older person's disease and despite a family history of it, didn't think I needed to worry about it just yet.

I would recommend for anyone reading this to please listen to your body, take notice of your symptoms and get it followed up with your doctor. We all need to push to get looked at when we think there is a problem, because like me, there probably is. 

For a couple of years I had experienced bowel changes, which I mentioned to my GP but I was told my symptoms were related to others things. I was tested for coeliac disease as my brother is a coeliac; however, no further tests were done.


My name is Duncan, I'm 39 and I have stage four bowel cancer.

Just over twelve months ago, I received some out of the ordinary blood test results. I had gone in for a blood test as I had lost a lot of weight, had a little stomach pain, and a little blood in my stool. After the blood test my GP called and told me to come in the next day and they would book me in for a colonoscopy. The colonoscopy found a large tumour in my bowel.


Even though there is a history of bowel cancer in the family, I never thought it would happen to me.

My diet had been considerably healthy throughout my life and I had previously used a Rotary Bowelscan kit, which had come back clear. This all changed in July 2007 when I was diagnosed with Dukes stage 3 bowel cancer.

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