Bowel Cancer Stories

I used to eat all of the recommended things for healthy living – fresh fruits and vegetables, protein from a range of high quality sources like meat, seafood and nuts. When it came to things like cheese, chocolate and coffee, I ate them only in moderation.

Due to an ileostomy I received following bowel cancer surgery, I now have to consume a ‘low residue’ (low fibre) diet, consisting of low fibre white bread, mashed vegetables and jelly.
It took more than three months for doctors to diagnose my bowel cancer after several check-ups for health complaints relating to my tummy and bowel. I am now battling an aggressive cancer that has spread to my liver and lung. I just wish this had been caught earlier...
In Sep 2014, I had my usual health check and all seemed well. The only issue I had was a cough which I could not shake. I also noticed a pulling sensation on the left side of my tummy. I was prescribed an asthma puffer and a course of steroids for my cough. By October, my cough had gone but the pulling sensation in my tummy remained. Then my bowel habits started to change.

I was only two years old when I lost my grandmother to bowel cancer.

My Grandmother and my Auntie, were both diagnosed at ages 60 and 40 years respectively. By the time my grandmother was diagnosed, the cancer was terminal. My Auntie was checked out for bowel cancer due to the high family history of the disease. I was here in Australia when she was diagnosed with bowel cancer in Brazil. She had the chance to fight it but could not stand the pain caused by the radiotherapy treatments. I was fortunate enough to be able to visit her, but by that stage she had already given up her fight and was waiting to die.


On Thursday the 11th of October 2018 I was diagnosed with bowel cancer. I am 27 years old, I coincidentally turn 28 the day I am expected to complete my 12 rounds of chemotherapy. May 24th, 2019.


Us men rarely go to doctors, let alone get our proper checks. But I recommend to all other men to please listen to your doctor and do exactly what they tell you. Put your faith and trust in them and you will be managed appropriately.

I was diagnosed with Bowel Cancer in 2011. Passing blood made me go to my GP to have a check-up. My GP suggested doing a Digital Rectal Examination and having a colonoscopy.

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