Linda H's Kick Ass Story

Here is my timeline glimpse of how quickly a diagnosis and treatment occur. This is my Kick Ass Story.

*March 2015

National Bowel Cancer screening program (FOBT).

Test kit received in post.

Test results were positive. Contacted by GP and The National Bowel Cancer Screening Program regarding positive result.

*April 2015

Colonoscopy procedure performed which showed an 8cm rectal mass from the anal verge in the Sigmoid Colon. CT scan & MRI one week later.

*May 2015

After appointment with Oncologist, Radiation treatment commenced.

*June 2015

Surgery : ULAR (ultra low anterior resection ) and loop ileostomy performed = 2 week stay in hospital.

Pathology reported Stage 3 yp T3N1b.

High output ileostomy. Stoma nurses teach you how to use your appliances and sign you up with the Ostomy Scheme to order your supplies each month.

*July 2015

Oncology : Six months of chemotherapy.

Post op check up with surgeon.

*September 2015

Pulmonary Embolism, ECG Ct Scan X-ray. Admitted to Hospital.

*December 2015

Admitted to hospital early in month with breathless dehydration due to high output ileostomy.

Admitted to hospital again late December with dehydration due to high output ileostomy.

*January 2016

Chemotherapy ended. Yippee it was hell for me.

Dietician review due to weight loss.

*April 2016

Surgery: Reversal of ileostomy, which failed.

Complicated by an anastomotic leak required laparotomy and new stoma formation. Placed in induced coma. More Surgery two days later.

Complications with haematoma and stoma placement. Discharged late June.

*June 2016

Community nurse attended dressings daily for three weeks, then every second day.

*March 2017

Surgery: Reversal of stoma which failed.

Became housebound, with multiple bowel movements every day (20-30 per day).

CT scan with contrast and gastrogaffin, Pet Scan, numerous blood tests.

*June 2017


Diagnosed Ischemic Bowel (narrowing due to radiation damage in 2015).

Dramatic weight loss.

From March through till December 2017 I was housebound due to the frequency of bowel movements. I really wanted this reversal to work so I persevered hoping my situation would improve. It just got worse.

I was actually happy to spend this Christmas in hospital as I knew it could only get better.

*December 2017

Surgery: Removal of damaged bowel and formation of a permanent Colostomy. I will live the rest of my life with a Stoma. It’s not the worst thing that could happen. I’m alive so don’t be embarrassed about a little kit.

I can’t stress enough about the importance of doing the FOBT should it arrive on your doorstep.

This is a gift.... the gift of life. It saved my life it could save yours.

In between the surgeries you have your follow up appointments with oncologists and your surgeon. There is X-rays CT Scans, MRI’s, endless blood tests. Dietician appointments and GP appointments.

Side effects from chemo - I suffered with hand and foot syndrome, blistered feet where you can hardly walk, a full body rash. Toenails turned black and fell off... I had to retire early 2017.

I was just 60 when my kit arrived. It’s painless very easy to do and it’s free. If something is wrong better to find out early. My symptoms were mainly bloating, weight gain and twice I thought I had blood in my stool. The test proved positive.

Do the test don’t leave it it’s a gift! Your gift of life.

Yes the past three years has been a whopping roller coaster ride for me my family and friends .I have the best husband he supported me emotionally and physically so here I am starting a new phase in my life.

Life is good once again. I still have a way to go but thanks to Richard & the amazing doctors and nurses that do a fantastic job, I’m very grateful for all the care they gave during my many stays in hospital.

Good luck to you all.

Let’s kick cancers ass!

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